🔮R1D3 Threat Driven Research Pipeline - Part 2

🔮R1D3 Threat Driven Research Pipeline - Part 2

Today, let me start with a bit of confession time: my quest to build an "Active Defense" framework has led me down a rabbit hole of epic proportions even the wisest tech oracles wouldn't have predicted 🐇🕳️🔮.

A simple pondering of questions about the shortsighted views around Detection Engineering vs Threat Hunting motivated me to outline something called the R1D3 Framework (Research -> Discovery -> Disruption -> Development) which in reality is an evolution of the ideas discussed in The Threat Hunting Shift series. Ideas that somehow materialized in AIMOD2 but were not yet quite articulated. Where the heck is your Framework man? This is a valid question you may ask. To that I would answer: you are witnessing it as it unfolds. You are looking at it with all the chaotic ideas colliding to create new connections, with all the imperfections... ✨💥

This is a journey, folks. A journey to find the hidden signal in the noise, the actionable insights buried within the chaos. There is something here I cannot yet fully understand but has a lot of potential, I'm exploring it and applying this practically as I go 🗺️.

In Part 1 of our R1D3 Threat Driven Research Pipeline, we dove headfirst into the messy world of practical threat intel research. We laid out the foundations of what a Research pipeline looks like to deliver some meaningful and actionable content to the rest of the RIDE streams⚙️. The diagram?

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